Red Life Movement Tonic

What’s the inspiration?

Buddy Baker is a talented stutman. The epitome of peak physical fitness. An alien encounter left him with the ability to connect to the mystical Red life force… which allows him to channel the abilities of any animal to take his awesomeness to the next level. 

And with your Red Life Movement Tonic… you’ll do the same. You’ll channel the power of several “animal exercises” to improve functional flexibility. 

These four playful exercises rehydrate your fascia and build muscle endurance across odd angles… all while improving your cardio…

What are the exercises?

Your Red Life Movement Tonic is comprised of four different exercises:

1: Anteaters

2: Bear Crawls

3: Baby Birds

4: Crab Walks

How do you perform them?

You’re going to run these four exercises, back to back, through a Functional Flexibility Protocol. 

Here’s what it looks like:

First perform your AntEaters for 60 seconds. Then…. 

Perform your Bear Crawls for 60 seconds. Then…

Perform your Baby Birds for 60 seconds. Then…

Perform your Crab Walks for 60 seconds… 

And you’re done.  

Your Red Life MT should take you 4 minutes to complete. 

How can you progress/regress these?

1: Add or remove time from any one of the exercise intervals. Do this in 5 second intervals. 

2: Increase or decrease your pace. 

3:  Add time to your resting interval. Obviously, there is no resting interval here. Which means… you add one. Do so in 10 second intervals. 

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