Chin Ups & Pull Ups — Build A Beautiful Back

Pull ups and chin ups are undisputed rock stars when it comes to building a strong and beautiful back. And if you’re familiar with our Body Redesign concept, you know you can’t ignore your back if you want to look your best…

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can shape your back with a chin up bar.

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5 Simple Steps to Dial In Your Nutrition

You’ve busted your butt and you’re frustrated.

You’ve suffered through restrictive exercise and nutrition programs only to build a smaller or larger version of the same soft, unshapely body.

How is it possible to work so hard and achieve… this?

Sound familiar?

We’re not surprised, because we’ve heard it from so many of our readers. And we’ve experienced it ourselves. Continue reading “5 Simple Steps to Dial In Your Nutrition”

3 Parallette Moves for a Shredded Core

Did you read that and think “What the heck’s a parallette?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This portable tool has been kicking around the fitness world for a few years now. But it isn’t as widely used as it should be.

Parallettes are basically bars raised up on supports. Like those push up grips you see at Wall-Mart, but longer. Gymnasts use them to train for parallel bars. And fitness enthusiasts use them to build pressing power and rock hard core strength.

I made my own several years ago for about $15 using PVC pipe. And then last summer I treated myself to a nice wooden set. They’re simple, sturdy, and you can take them apart and throw them in a bag to train on the road.

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The Wonder Vitamin — Are You Deficient In Vitamin D?

The sun warms your skin as you lie on your towel, listening to the waves lap gently at a sandy beach. A soft breeze carries away all your worries. All your stress. You lie there enjoying the peace and the calm. At that moment, nothing else matters. Nothing at all.

And then you wake up and realize summer’s long gone — along with daylight savings time and any real chance to soak up some rays. Continue reading “The Wonder Vitamin — Are You Deficient In Vitamin D?”

Bodyweight Tuck-Jump — Discover Explosive Fat Loss Secrets From The Fighting Arts

Was talking with my new bud, Chad Howse, the other day about fitness and fighting. Trading stories and insights about how and where the two arenas cross over.

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3 Ways You Could Be Wasting Time In The Gym

Time is a hot commodity.

It’s always moving along, whether you’re moving along with it or not.

I think Ferris Bueller had it pegged pretty well when he proclaimed, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

And there’s a lot to miss, for sure; which is why it’s important to constantly assess not only how you manage your precious time, but how well that managed time is working out for you.

This, of course, includes your workouts. Continue reading “3 Ways You Could Be Wasting Time In The Gym”