Ryan’s Surefire Hangover Remedy

The desire for a surefire hangover remedy is probably as old as the existence of alcohol. That throbbing head, aching eyes and rolling stomach never fails to remind us that there is always a price for life’s excesses.

So is there a surefire cure?

Countless folk remedies exist, and Ryan has run into a pile of them on his travels. As a writer he’s also had reason to call on more than his share… Continue reading “Ryan’s Surefire Hangover Remedy”

Rub One Out: Foam Roller Massage for the Upper Back

The foam roller is an excellent tool for your recovery arsenal. You can pick one up for about twenty bucks, and it offers many of the same benefits as sports massage —performed right in the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to nag your significant other to do it. You can get a great massage all by yourself.

This is a great tool for stretching out muscles and tendons, and it’s especially useful for breaking down soft tissue adhesions.

What the heck is a soft tissue adhesion? And should you be worried? Continue reading “Rub One Out: Foam Roller Massage for the Upper Back”

Dumbbell Squat – A Versatile Anytime, Anywhere Option

The Dumbbell Squat is a simple way to increase the challenge of your lower body training sessions. But a lot of people mess it up because they don’t understand the proper fundamentals of a good, safe squat…

It’s essential that you master unweighted bodyweight squats before putting this movement under any sort of load. Continue reading “Dumbbell Squat – A Versatile Anytime, Anywhere Option”

Yoga Back Bends – A Safe Progression

Modern life has declared war on your back.

Okay, I admit that may sound a bit dramatic. But we do spend more and more of our time hunched over a desk, slouched in front of a TV screen, or bent double in a half-sized economy class seat. Live for too long in that position, and over the course of months and years your body stiffens up and remains that way.

The natural counter to constant forward flexion is to bend in the opposite direction. But be careful! Performed incorrectly, backbends can result in injury. Done properly, they’re a great health-promoting exercise. Continue reading “Yoga Back Bends – A Safe Progression”

Bodyweight Cardio Exercise — Do the Kong and stop monkeying around

Some exercises really are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

Actually, most things are more fun than that classic childhood toy, the Barrel Full of Monkeys. They’re just plastic monkeys with hook shaped arms. How many times can you pick the damn things up in a chain and put them back down again without boring yourself senseless? The exercise we present in this video is DEFINITELY way more fun than that. Continue reading “Bodyweight Cardio Exercise — Do the Kong and stop monkeying around”

Glute Complex — Develop a Delightful Derrière

Wow! Nice ass!

When’s the last time someone said that to YOU?

When you start making changes to your body, well-shaped glutes are one of the first shapeshifting signs that others will notice. The butt is also one of the most sought after body parts when it comes to targeted training.

Want to tighten up that derrière? Wanna give those sagging cheeks some lift? Do you want to sculpt a set of buns passing strangers could bounce a quarter off? Continue reading “Glute Complex — Develop a Delightful Derrière”

How To Eat Healthy On The Road

We get a lot of questions from readers who want to know how to eat healthy on the road.

Many of you travel for work, and we know how tough it can be when you’re relying on restaurants to meet your nutritional needs.

As a writer I travel a lot too, and I face similar challenges. And so I thought it might be helpful to take you through the strategies I used on my most recent work trip. Continue reading “How To Eat Healthy On The Road”

Chin Ups & Pull Ups — Build A Beautiful Back

Pull ups and chin ups are undisputed rock stars when it comes to building a strong and beautiful back. And if you’re familiar with our Body Redesign concept, you know you can’t ignore your back if you want to look your best…

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can shape your back with a chin up bar.

What’s the difference between a chin up and a pull up? Continue reading “Chin Ups & Pull Ups — Build A Beautiful Back”

5 Simple Steps to Dial In Your Nutrition

You’ve busted your butt and you’re frustrated.

You’ve suffered through restrictive exercise and nutrition programs only to build a smaller or larger version of the same soft, unshapely body.

How is it possible to work so hard and achieve… this?

Sound familiar?

We’re not surprised, because we’ve heard it from so many of our readers. And we’ve experienced it ourselves. Continue reading “5 Simple Steps to Dial In Your Nutrition”

3 Parallette Moves for a Shredded Core

Did you read that and think “What the heck’s a parallette?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This portable tool has been kicking around the fitness world for a few years now. But it isn’t as widely used as it should be.

Parallettes are basically bars raised up on supports. Like those push up grips you see at Wall-Mart, but longer. Gymnasts use them to train for parallel bars. And fitness enthusiasts use them to build pressing power and rock hard core strength.

I made my own several years ago for about $15 using PVC pipe. And then last summer I treated myself to a nice wooden set. They’re simple, sturdy, and you can take them apart and throw them in a bag to train on the road.

Ready to get started? Try my 3 favourite parallette moves… Continue reading “3 Parallette Moves for a Shredded Core”