Dumbbell Squat – A Versatile Anytime, Anywhere Option

The Dumbbell Squat is a simple way to increase the challenge of your lower body training sessions. But a lot of people mess it up because they don’t understand the proper fundamentals of a good, safe squat… It’s essential that you master unweighted bodyweight squats before putting this movement under any sort of load.

Bodyweight Cardio Exercise — Do the Kong and stop monkeying around

Some exercises really are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Actually, most things are more fun than that classic childhood toy, the Barrel Full of Monkeys. They’re just plastic monkeys with hook shaped arms. How many times can you pick the damn things up in a chain and put them back down again […]

5 Simple Steps to Dial In Your Nutrition

You’ve busted your butt and you’re frustrated. You’ve suffered through restrictive exercise and nutrition programs only to build a smaller or larger version of the same soft, unshapely body. How is it possible to work so hard and achieve… this? Sound familiar? We’re not surprised, because we’ve heard it from so many of our readers. […]