3 Minute Belly Tightening Pilates

One of the unique methods used in everyday training to cinch in the waistline is Bodyweight Pilates.  Just flip through any fitness or trendy health magazine and you’ll notice Pilates moves are all over, and credited as today’s top celebrities favorite weekly fitness routine. You’re probably wondering what makes these bodyweight Pilates exercises so different […]

How Working Out Sharpens Your Focus and Concentration

How many times have you heard someone talk about the brain like it’s a “thinking muscle”? That’s why we go to school, college, and that’s why we keep learning throughout our lives. We’re practically training that “thinking muscle”. But science has proven that in order to really maximize your brain’s potential, mental exercises and learning […]

10 Tips That Can Help You Stay Fit In Your 50s

Staying fit is important throughout your life but even more so as you get older. However, exercise nowadays can be quite expensive and the stress of maintaining the diet or exercise schedule can be overwhelming. But rather than having bad feelings about staying fit, why don’t you try these tips: Eat well Nutrition is a […]

Gymnema Sylvestre — Kill Carb Cravings Instantly!

Guest blog by Dr. Kathryn Woodall, DC There were times in my past when I would walk down the sidewalk and think, “Ooooh la la! Hello sah-weet thang!” My hormones would rev, and I’d experience an overwhelming urge to make that yummy goodness mine right then and there. I mean, seriously!  Who doesn’t feel that […]

Neck Pain Solution — Does Desk Work Give You A Pain In The Neck?

by Dr. Kathryn Woodall, DC If you work in an office, stop for a moment to take a look at your coworkers. How many of them look like they’re straining to cross a finish line by a head? Assuming their computer monitor is properly placed, the reason they’re sitting that way probably has nothing to […]

How To Avoid Soreness & Stay Fresh – Tips For Your Next Day Of Hard Labor

Spring to me is always the time to pull my camping gear out of storage and dust off my boots. While weekend hikes are great, I try to get one major expedition in per year. You’d think training up for such an excursion would mean pre-trip prep, but what you do on the trail is […]