Improve Your Coordination and Agility with Bodyweight Exercise

Coordination and agility are hallmarks of movement mastery. Success in the dynamic sphere of sport is often determined by your ability to turn the off-season strength, endurance, and speed gains you’ve built into complex, improvised movements on the field of play. That requires a different approach to training, one that focuses on channeling these attributes […]

Exercise For the Desk Jockey — Has Your Desk Made You Chair-Shaped?

Do you spend a lot of time at a desk? Does your work trap you indoors? Have you got that “office worker hunch”? You know the one. Picture a guy, slightly overweight and sporting a pale fluorescent indoor tan. He walks with a slow shuffle, his pelvis tipped forward as though in a chair, his […]

Ninja Wrist Secret for Desk Jockeys and Keyboard Warriors

You’ve asked for more secret ninja exercises, and I’m here to deliver. “But I didn’t ask you yet,” you might say. “My wrists hurt, but I haven’t even started typing an email. How did you know?” Ninjas just know things like that. This time we’ll going deeper into the wrists and forearms with a couple […]