About Shapeshifter Media

If you’re into performance-based training, you’re in the right place.

At Shapeshifter, we specialize in ‘go muscle’ rather than ‘show muscle’.

Sure, you’ll end up with a great physique if you train with our programs. But that’s just a by product. We care more about accelerating your performance in your chosen activity.

If you’re a martial artist, active outdoor enthusiast, health conscious desk jockey, sports enthusiast, or just a competitive player in the ever-changing game of life, then one of our programs will be a great fit for you.

The folks who use our programs — and who we hang out and train with us every day in our online program platforms and inner circles — range from the impressionably young to the surprisingly old. And our authors are firmly in between.

Our list of coaches includes:

…a retired ninja and full time travel writer who ventures into some of the world’s least hospitable regions and returns to write the tale;

…a former US Marine, now a renowned survival expert and martial art teacher;

…a bodyweight-exercise specialist who discovered equipment-free training through an obsession with ancient wisdom;

…a yoga expert who helps her students fold themselves into pretzels at seminars around the globe…

…an Australian physique transformation expert and full-time mom;

…and a diet expert who specializes in fat loss for busy people, with a plan perfectly suited to fuel elite levels of performance.

An entire world of performance-based training plans is ready and waiting for you.

It’s fun. It’s challenging. And it works.

We hope you’ll check us out.

It’s sure to be a very wild ride.