Home Workouts as a Lifestyle: Tips for Organizing the Training System

Description: The most challenging part about home workouts is regularity. Weak motivation and household chores kill our dream. How to organize sports at home? Let’s take a look at 7 effective ways to make home workouts a lifestyle.

You are not alone. I also started somewhere. I ran every day for two months; then I went to the gym for several months. Group training taught me the correct exercise technique, raised my self-esteem, and gave me self-confidence. I’ve thought: why don’t I start training on my own? It is a real money-saving plus experience. And a lot of good video complexes on the Internet will help me.


I’ve trained on my own for the past three years. I learned how to control my weight and make my own training plans — and I saved time and money doing it.

So, how did I persuade myself and make my training a lifestyle, like brushing my teeth or combing my hair?

Choose Time and Place for Workout

Decide what time is most convenient for you to workout. For me, the most convenient time is when my child sleeps – during the day. During these 2 hours, I have time to have a complete workout, do a good stretching, do a massage on my own, and go to the shower. Everything is stable, without haste. There is only pleasant music and complete relaxation.

Working from home during Covid? Your main challenge is consistency. Try training on your lunch break. Schedule it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — and block that time so it’s guaranteed, not just ‘if possible’.

You can exercise in the evening, for example, when your spouse comes home from work and can play with the child for an hour or two.

By the way, decide which room in the house will be your personal fitness room, allocate a corner for sports equipment.

Buy Suitable Sports Clothing

Let the training be held not in a stretched T-shirt, but in a stylish sports suit. Consider a top and shorts or a tight-fitting T-shirt and leggings. What is such a luxury for? In order to better see the home workout results, because every our disappeared inch is perfectly visible. I doubt you can see it in an old shirt. The same applies to men – imagine yourself in your ideal shape, which will be successfully emphasized by a set of shorts and a T-shirt.

man doing handstand pose

Therefore, you dress up for each workout like a holiday. I guarantee you will look forward to every bodyweight home workout to show off in a fashionable tracksuit. This will inspire you to work harder and strive for better results.

In addition to being an inspiration factor, sportswear guarantees the comfort and safety of every movement. And this is very important, don’t you agree? And don’t forget about quality, comfortable running shoes.

Make Clear Training Plan

Home workout exercises, like gym workouts, should be systematized; there should be no chaos. Remember: aimless waving of arms and legs is not a workout but a warm-up. Are you interested in effective training? So grab a notebook and start planning your workouts for the week ahead. For example, here is my home workout plan:

upper-body workout 30 minutes + cardio

lower-body workout 30 minutes + stretching

active recreation (walks with family or swimming pool)

intensive training for all muscle groups

outdoor cardio workout (running + jumping rope)

active rest (trips with the family out of town, long walks in the park, etc.)

Note that on my list of home workout routines, there is no passive rest and lying on the couch. Such a rest is not for me, and I hope you agree. Of course, you can choose your favorite activities – be it yoga or dancing, the main thing is planning!

woman stretch her muscles

Variety of Training

The very first thing that kills my energy is monotony. Exercise bores me very quickly, and the same phrases of coaches kill all the desire to train. That is why I do not perform the same complexes, as many instructors say in their videos: “Do these sets of exercises every other day, and your body will become perfect!” Oh, boring things.

Use different exercises for your home workout schedule, combine different approaches. The video classes will help you; there are a lot of great complexes. Go find them, and workout!

Set Goals

I am a very persistent person, and it is very important for me to achieve everything I have in mind. That is why, before each workout, I set myself a difficult but doable task. Let’s say today my goal is to perform a plank for 2 minutes without rest or to complete an additional set for the abs. And I move to my goal with all my strength. If it doesn’t work out, I don’t give up but try to fulfill my plans tomorrow or later this week. But it must be done.

And what prevents you from moving in the same direction? Plan something and take action. Set realistic goals for yourself, and don’t back down! The result will not be long in coming.

mother and daughter working out

Let Yourself Rest

Of course, I write about the regularity of training and the importance of the system. And this is certainly true – there will be no result without regularity. However, we all are ordinary people, with a bunch of worries, children, household chores, exhausting work, and chronic headaches. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Of course, training will bring you a huge burst of energy, improve your well-being, and clear your head of heavy thoughts.

However, if today you don’t feel like exercising, consider some other option for taking care of yourself. This can be a hot bath with essential oils, meditation, or a lazy walk with the dog. Either way, taking care of your body will benefit you and can become a part of your home workout system. However, do not let yourself relax too often and for no reason, remember that you have a goal.

Track Your Progress

Follow your plan carefully, measure yourself with a tape at the beginning of each week to motivate yourself, and write down your results, whether you want a thin waist or impressive biceps. I am very motivated by the decreasing size. And what is the best motivation for you?

Remember that inches often change faster than the numbers on the scales, so measure your progress differently. In addition to tracking changes in your body from the outside, you can track changes performing the essentials of home workouts. Did you want to learn to do 30 push-ups in a month? Or do you dream of standing in the plank for 3 minutes? 30 burpees without stopping? Track your progress every Monday and compare changes.


Remember that all achievements and failures are entirely our results. It depends on you whether you will be a loser or a persistent, strong personality. I hope that my advice and personal experience will help you organize your home workouts and achieve your goals.

Share your thoughts on home workouts. Are you already practicing or just planning to start? What’s the hardest part for you?

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