As the saying goes: where there’s a will there’s a way, you can find a way to make it all happen if you are willing to do so. It is very relevant to your intent and effort to fit running in your busy calendar.

We don’t dare question your intent. In many cases, however, people who say they are too busy to take a time out from their busy lives to exercise are a majority of escape-seekers. They can find any excuse to seek that escape.

Hopefully you are not one of those people. You are doing all you can to make fitness a part and parcel of your daily life struggle.

A tiresome urban lifestyle makes a regular exercise a need, just like any other need, i.e. a need to work. You should not ignore it. Find as little time as you can to exercise to become and stay fit.

Running is amongst only few exercises, which you can do anywhere, anytime. You do not require a fitness equipment to do it. All you need is some time, and there you go; start running.

With a desire to run, you might already be loaded with innovative ideas to adjust running with your busy life routine. We can share with you a few tips and tricks of our own here on: how you can successfully accommodate running in your tight schedule. Here we go.

1)   Determination

  • Be serious about running. That is what a determination is. It’s in your conscious. Once you have a complete sense of realization that running is a must-to-do activity, nothing can come in your way to stop you from doing it then.
  • Have a belief that running would help promote your wellbeing. It would assist you in your daily life struggle. It would give you much-needed clean fresh energy to stay strong in your struggle. It would breathe a new life in your spirits.
  • Once you have that determination, you could find some time from your busy schedule to run. As they say:Every Little Helps, even if you are able to spare 10 minutes in between your routine activities, it is all that matters. It would be a good start. It could be a catalyst to your longer effort on running.

2)   Smart thinking

  • You should be clever enough to identify time slots here and there in your work routine, in your office or at home. For example, you can rethink your lunch style and time. Have a working lunch.
  • If you spend a half hour on your lunch, which is possible in case of sticking to a working lunch option, you can spare another half for running in a nearby park, or on a treadmill stationed besides your desk on in fitness area in your office. 
  • You could have your running gear with you in office. You can quickly switch back and forth the clothing options. You may use a fragrance or take a quick shower to come back to your desk fresh and pleasant. Above is recommended to avoid unpleasant odours that would be annoying to you and your colleagues around you.

3)   Outdoor-indoor balance

  • As already said, running is one of those exercise you can make it happen anywhere, anytime. Take out some time and run outside, in a natural organic environment. It would give you clean and fresh energy. You can immerse yourself in nature while running. You can feel to be a part of it.
  • When you have little time, run on your treadmill. It simulates an outside running experience. It is safer than outside. You can run early mornings and late in the evenings. It is more private and secure.
  • Your fitness equipment is exclusively at your disposal. Use it whenever you find a time for it. Use it more than once. Use it more when you feel pumped-up with energy. Use it less when you are down. You can use at your home. You can run on it in your office.
  • A treadmill can facilitate your running in more than one way. It is the most essential and facilitating piece of fitness equipment. Another important aspect to running on a treadmill is that you, with help of a tracker, can monitor your progress in real time.

4)   Intervals training

  • A short intervals based running program can solve your time scarcity problem. You can run for any brief period of time that you can find in between your calendared activities.
  • You can run in short spaces. You can run faster to enhance effectiveness of your run. You can change run mode, if you are running on a treadmill. You can incline it to uphill. You can also increase pressure to harder intensity.
  • Running harder and faster in brief slots of space and time, you can make most of a limited effort. It would serve your core objective of running. Intervals training method is prescribed as best for all exercises that are time consuming. It is recommended to people who are controlled by their busy lives.
  • It is important that you also take care your body’s hydration requirement while doing intense intervals training. Your body would tend to lose energy quickly. Drink a lot of water and juices. It would keep you hydrated, fresh and agile.

Author Bio:

Sophie is a passionate runner and cyclist. She has participated in many local running events, and blogs on issues of training, fitness and lifestyle. Sophie currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.

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