If you’re a woman who’s struggled with fat loss—trying every diet and exercise program you can get your hands on and failing—then what you are about to read could finally unlock your trapped fat cells.

“If it comes down to a battle between your hormones and your will, even if you fight your best and bravest fight, your hormones will ultimately win every time.”

That’s what my instructor said at my first ever “Balancing Female Hormones” class. As time passed and I worked with more women and my own health, her comment has proven true.

You WILL lose fat when you are no longer fighting hormonal issues. Balanced hormones also prevent the “inevitable” weight gain associated with age.

What Causes Hormonal Imbalance?

First, “imbalance” isn’t the right word. It isn’t like there’s a hormonal teeter-totter in your body. And although there are normal values for each hormone, those normals vary with age and stage of life. So, hormonal imbalance is really more about their effect on how your body “functions,” than the actual “amount” of each hormone. The things that cause imbalance are…


  • Low-nutrient diets
  • Too much or too little food<
  • The wrong exercise
  • Too much stress
  • Too many toxins in your environment
  • Not enough or too much exercise
  • Birth control
  • and Trauma

Out of that list, the wrong diet (stop starving yourself!) and wrong exercise (making it harder to lose fat) are the two most common.


Do Women Have It WORSE Than Men?

Yes! Birth control pills, IUD’s, pregnancy and childbirth all affect your hormones!

And those hormonal changes affect your health and your fat loss efforts. But women often make it worse on themselves by doing the wrong exercise. If you’re one of those women, it’s not your fault. However, it’s time to learn about those mistakes and stop making them. (Click here for two of the most common exercise mistakes keeping you fat!)

Are You Doomed Because Of Your Hormones?

Absolutely not! Hormones may seem like a daunting puzzle…

But for most women, one hormone is the key. If you “fix” this hormone, you’ll typically balance all the rest of them at the same time.

The hormone you need to know about is cortisol.

Cortisol is secreted by your adrenal glands—small glands that sit on top of your kidneys.


People call cortisol the “stress” hormone because the levels in your body increase with stress and fall back down to baseline when you get back to a non-stressed state.

However, that isn’t all cortisol does. It ebbs and flows naturally throughout the day. Cortisol adjusts your blood pressure so you don’t faint when you jump out of bed in the morning or stand up from your chair later in the day. It increases during the night, helps wake you in the morning, and usually hits a peak sometime before noon before dropping throughout the rest of the day.

Cortisol controls the amount of inflammation in your body. It influences your mood. It also plays a role in how much or little of the other hormones your body produces.

Cortisol is a good thing when all systems are running well. It gives you the energy to get through your day and in the right amount, it gives you a good sense of well-being and a strong immune system. It doesn’t slow or increase the release of any other hormones and life feels good.

The problem lies in the chronic stresses of modern life… If you’re always in a state of low-grade stress, your cortisol levels will remain abnormally elevated all the time. Chronically elevated cortisol leads to extra fat on your belly. And sadly, making even one of the two mistakes in this article leads to chronically elevated cortisol and stubborn fat.

How Do You “Fix” It?

You’ll be happy to know that although the things going on under the surface are complex, the solution is actually pretty easy.

  • Eat a nutrient-dense diet
  • Do the RIGHT exercise (hint: you don’t need longer than 15 minutes each day, and you can do it at home or with a friend)
  • Get rid of the stress that’s in your control

Do This Today!


  1. Eat a nutrient dense diet—that’s lots of veggies, a small amount of fruit, meat, and if you can tolerate them eggs, potatoes, nuts, seeds, and maybe a little rice. Avoid grain, dairy, and soy. Limit or avoid nuts and seeds if you have tummy problems.

The diet will give you the ingredients needed to make hormones, and it will stop the sugar roller-coaster that is a common source of stress in your body. It’ll also get rid of most of the major food allergens and intolerances that might unknowingly keep you in a constant state of stress and fat gain.

  1. Getting rid of the stress you can control will let you better handle the stuff you can’t. You can control:
  • Your diet
  • How much you dwell on drama and how much you let it go
  • Planned cheat meals that let you enjoy any food you want while balancing your hormones
  • When and how you exercise (did you know faster fat loss only takes 15 minutes each day when you do the right exercise?)
  1. Finally, exercise is vital to your hormonal balance and health. Click here to avoid making the exercise mistake that can keep you fat!

Optimizing your hormones for fat loss isn’t hard; you just have to use the right diet and exercise program. Say goodbye to working out for longer than 15 minutes each day and to starving and depriving yourself. One of the best ways for women to lose those pounds and avoid the mistakes keeping you fat is right here in this article.

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