You’ve asked for more secret ninja exercises, and I’m here to deliver.

“But I didn’t ask you yet,” you might say. “My wrists hurt, but I haven’t even started typing an email. How did you know?”

Ninjas just know things like that.

This time we’ll going deeper into the wrists and forearms with a couple closed chain exercises I developed in my ninjutsu days. I even filmed the clip in black and white, just for the sake of nostalgia…

We did a lot of wrist locks back then,  so I spent an awful lot of time stretching and mobilizing those specific ranges. It made my training sessions safer of course, but that mobility also gave me a bit of extra room when I wanted to slip out of a hold.

How did I open those ranges?

By wrist locking myself.

I first started limbering up the area by applying wrist locks to my own joints in gradually increasing ranges of motion. And then I closed the chain, using a coffee table or desk to go deeper.

Try it. I bet you’ll feel amazing after. Especially if you have tight wrists.

Just place your hand on a desk and walk around your arm until you build enough tension that you’re reaching the edge of your comfort zone. Exhale, relax into it, and wait for that tension to melt away. Keep your palm flat and your shoulder packed. And remember: don’t jam into it. Just go to your edge.

Use this great pair of drills to release the soft tissue of your forearms after spending too much time at your desk.

It’s also really good for people like tool and die makers, pipe fitters, or folks who do heavy work that requires a lot of grip strength.

I hope you find it helpful.

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