We received a lot of great feedback on our multidimensional core video series. You asked for more, and we’re here to oblige…

Core training is a big priority for our readers — and with good reason. The core is your body’s powerhouse. It transfers force from lower to upper body, protects the back, and keeps us upright. It’s also the location of that hot set of beach abs. Let’s not discount the importance of those!

Having a pretty little six pack is great of course, but if you’re nothing but a bag of highly toned spare parts you’ll never be able to use that strength in real world applications. The movement we’re sharing today is an important one because it teaches you to connect the driving power of your arms and legs to your core.

The Plank Push takes an excellent static core exercise — the Plank — and puts it into motion. If you’re already familiar with the basic Plank, good for you! It’s one of the keys to developing a strong transverse abdominus and learning to stabilize the core and lower back. Putting the Plank into motion will teach you how to use that strength in three dimensions.

The other reason I really like this movement is because it’s so portable. It doesn’t require much space, which means you can do it in your office, living room, or the tiniest Tokyo hotel. I’ve even done this in a two person tent when trapped by bad weather.

I want you to focus on two things.

First, the lower back. Keep that tailbone tucked throughout. You should never sag at the spine. If you’re starting to notice your alignment breaking down, you’ve reached your limit for the day. Stop now while you’re still maintaining good form, and seek to build your volume incrementally. If you’re not able to hold it at all, drop down to the basic Plank and work your static strength first.

Second, keep your shoulders pulled down away from your ears, and your elbows pinched tight to your ribs. Exhale as you come into the extended position to lock down your core, and allow an exhale again as you go butt-to-heels and compress the air out of your lungs through movement.

These are your key performance goals.

Here’s your Plank Push tutorial:

Have fun with it, and let me know how you did in the comments.

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