What’s a guy or gal to do when they’ve already GOT 6-pack abs?

What if the thought of another set of sit ups, crunches and leg raises has you searching for a high cliff to throw yourself over?

Can you really have fun with this stuff?

The trick to keeping your ab training interesting is to take that core strength into new dimensions.

No, I’m not talking about exploring the astral plane. You won’t have to induce theta brain waves and float out of your body. And you won’t have to worry about malignant spirits slipping into your corporeal shell while you’re out there in the etheric. The only thing that’s going to infect you is a newfound enthusiasm for exercise.

You simply have to get creative with your program.

Today I’ll teach you the first movement in a three part series of what we’ll refer to as “multi-dimensional core exercises.” They’re fun, they’re cool, and they look freaky enough to impress the hell outta your friends.

You don’t need 6 pack abs to do them either! Anyone can build up to the final variation simply by following the progression I’ve laid out.

So have a look at the video, clear some space on the floor, and give it a try. You have nothing to lose but your pants — so for Pete’s sake tighten that belt before attempting this!

Here’s your Arching Leg Thread tutorial:

I’ll teach you the next progression in Part Two of the series.

Want more ‘odd exercises’ like this? Check out my Forbidden Fitness program, it’s filled with functional exercises drawn from more than two decades of real ninja training.