The Secret to Rapid Regeneration

What if I told you that blood circulation is directly responsible for how quickly we’re able to heal surface wounds? What if I told you that our muscles aren’t able to heal and repair without oxygen being properly transported through our circulatory system? Everyone knows that circulation is important, but not everyone knows exactly why.

I’m going to outline the vital importance of the circulatory system in this article, and then I’ll tell you how to improve your circulation.

You can strengthen your circulatory system to improve your health and recovery speed by adapting several specific lifestyle techniques and by including certain foods and vitamins in your diet,

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Bodyweight Kettlebell FUSION Workout For Faster Fat Burning

If you could fold a home gym up and keep it in the corner of your closet… would that be cool?

Of course it would!  🙂

And in a way that’s what you get with a kettlebell.

It’s one of the most versatile home training tools if you are limited for space.

And when combined with bodyweight exercise you get a fun, fast paced, fat-burning workout you can do anytime, anywhere.

Recently my family and I spent the week at a cottage near Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

I arranged for my buddy and kettlebell expert Chris Lopez to bring a KB. And I brought a TRX and a jump rope.

Then together we came up with a workout each day that combined the tools we had with some bodyweight exercises. It was fun crafting the workouts on the spot… and it provided a great way to keep our workouts on track even though we were miles from the nearest gym.

Here’s what we came up with on the first day…

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Get Bulletproof Buns in Just 3 Moves

Who doesn’t love a firm butt?

What’s the one common physical feature that stands out when you look at a dancer, a gymnast or someone who practices Pilates?

A firm, attractive butt. But it’s not just firm, it’s also lifted.

“High & Tight” — that’s my motto in the Pilates studio. In fact, I say it so often my clients chipped in and had a tank top made for me!

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Wrist Mobility — Resistance Band Wrist Fix For Better Bodyweight Training Results

Obviously, I think bodyweight exercise is pretty cool.

You can get a 100% badass workout anywhere, anytime without any fancy equipment.

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The ONE Hormone that Unlocks Stubborn Female Fat [NOT The One You Think]

If you’re a woman who’s struggled with fat loss—trying every diet and exercise program you can get your hands on and failing—then what you are about to read could finally unlock your trapped fat cells. Continue reading “The ONE Hormone that Unlocks Stubborn Female Fat [NOT The One You Think]”

3 Minute Belly Tightening Pilates

One of the unique methods used in everyday training to cinch in the waistline is Bodyweight Pilates.  Just flip through any fitness or trendy health magazine and you’ll notice Pilates moves are all over, and credited as today’s top celebrities favorite weekly fitness routine.

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How Working Out Sharpens Your Focus and Concentration

How many times have you heard someone talk about the brain like it’s a “thinking muscle”? That’s why we go to school, college, and that’s why we keep learning throughout our lives. We’re practically training that “thinking muscle”. But science has proven that in order to really maximize your brain’s potential, mental exercises and learning are simply not enough.

There is a direct connection between exercising and mental health, and if you really want to enhance your focus and concentration, you should consider working out. We did a bit of researching and we’ve come up with this short guide which should help you understand how mental health, focus, and concentration are connected. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best way to improve your concentration, focus, and other skills as well. So, let’s not waste time, and let’s get straight to it.

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