Learn Why 99.9% Of "Weight Loss" Programs
Are DOOMED To Leave You Small And "Flabby"…
And How Our ZERO-equipment Shapeshifter Technology™
Will Completely Redesign YOUR Body
In Just 6 Short Weeks…

And You'll Do It Without The Need Of A Single Dumbbell,
Barbell, or Resistance Band!

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Dear Friend,
Is this you?

Youʼve busted your butt in the gym and youʼve starved yourself with diets, but you're still frustrated with the way you look…

Youʼre sick and tired of that same flabby body staring back at you in the mirror.

You know you deserve better.

Great. Then youʼre ready to discover a different way…

You need proven methods that actually change the SHAPE of your body. THATʼS how youʼll reveal the lean, powerful, confident physique thatʼs just waiting to be uncovered.

Know why “redesigning” your body has been so hard in the past?

Here's the problem: most exercise and nutrition programs only focus on losing or gaining “weight.”

You either lose fat and muscle together, or you gain muscle and fat together. Your end result is the same soft physique. We wouldn't call it "shapeless," because it IS a shape… It's big in all the wrong places and small in all the worst places!

If most diet and workout programs are broken, how did we FIX them?

We focused on the strategic, laser-targeted process of losing fat while simultaneously adding or toning muscle in just the right places. THAT's how to completely REDESIGN your body into something youʼre proud to show off to friends and family.

Want a taste of exactly what weʼre talking about?

Weʼre going to reveal on this very page three of the BIGGEST mistakes most diet and workout programs make. And then weʼll give you three of our BEST methods to mount a “surgical strike” that re-shapes your body before your very eyes.

Unlike those other crash programs, this isn't "fly by night." When you put these secrets of body “redesign” to work, you'll be building skills that last a lifetime.

But donʼt kid yourself. This isnʼt a magic pill or quick fix. Itʼs a step-by-step plan to change your workouts, diet and lifestyle. Itʼs a way to get back into the best shape of your life WITHOUT extreme dieting or training — quickly and permanently.

You can even do it with bodyweight exercises — no cumbersome equipment or expensive gym membership required.

So if youʼre the type who wants to pop a magic pill, this program is NOT for you. But if you want to learn how to build the body of your dreams quickly — and keep it permanently — using proven strategies developed through experience and backed by science, then youʼre in the right place…

The 3 Sins Of Conventional Workout & Diet Programs
(And Why Theyʼre Keeping You Flabby)

Itʼs not that most diet or exercise programs are wrong… They all offer a piece of the puzzle. But thatʼs part of the problem.

They donʼt look at the whole picture. Diet books offer a token workout. Workout programs pay lip service to diet. And NOBODY ever mentions the importance of lifestyle in building your dream body.

No wonder itʼs so hard for you to change the way your body looks. Youʼre only getting a fraction of the solution!

Here are three of the WORST sins of conventional diet and exercise programs. These things are keeping you from your best body ever!

Sin #1: Workout Programs Are One-Dimensional

Most workout programs donʼt just ignore diet. They fail to mention the types of workouts you should be doing. Instead, they almost always focus on a onedimensional “gimmick”.

Those gimmicks might sell more books, but they wonʼt help you redesign your body. No, you need a carefully planned combination of workout methods if you want to make people sit up and take notice.

The story of The Shapeshifter is a great example of how fitness gimmicks can kill your progress and leave you a sad flabby shell of your health and fitness dreams.

So you see, until The Shapeshifter brought together all the workout elements he had studied, he couldnʼt hope to build the kind of superhero body he has now.

The funny thing is, an ineffective one-dimensional program isnʼt any easier to follow. You still have to work your butt off. But your body stays flabby even though the scale says youʼre making progress.

And that sucks! We know, because weʼve been there too.

Sin #2: Diet Programs Have Blinders On

Low fat diet. Low carb diet. High protein diet. Food pyramid diet. Whole grain diet. Dairy free. Gluten free. Fat free. Sugar free.

Is your head spinning yet?

None of these diet crazes are totally “wrong” (ok, some of them are…). Itʼs just that they donʼt give you the complete picture.

Diet books and programs need an “angle” to make them more appealing. So they latch on to one idea, and thatʼs all you get. Itʼs good for marketing but bad for your physique!

Low carb diets leave you feeling and looking “depleted” and flat.

Low fat diets mess with your hormones and shift your metabolism towards burning carbs, which only makes you store fat over the long term.

High protein or high fat diets give you free reign to eat as much “non-carb” food as you want. But youʼll get just as fat eating huge portions of nuts and cheese as you will on pasta. Weʼve seen countless physiques ruined by this approach.

These fad diets all seem like theyʼre working at first. And then your results come to a grinding halt.

Know what that means? Your body actually ends up LOOKING worse. Itʼs because the ratio of where you store fat gets messed up. You also end up losing as much muscle as you do fat. And that muscle is what gives you your SHAPE.

Thatʼs why fad diets will NEVER give you the body of your dreams. They just donʼt have it in them.

Sin #3: No Oneʼs Sharing The Lifestyle Secrets Of Body Redesign

Imagine this… Everythingʼs going great. Your workouts are on track, youʼre eating well and youʼre starting to see results. And then that new project falls apart at work and you get super-stressed.

What happens?

You start craving your favorite comfort foods. Youʼre lethargic and have trouble sticking to your workouts. Your results slow down, stop, or even go backwards.

Weʼve all been there. And itʼs a horrible feeling to watch all that hard work going down the drain!

Thatʼs just ONE example of how your lifestyle directly affects your body redesign results. What about friends, and the positive or negative influence they can have on your program?

They can be supportive of your hard work — or they can tempt you off your path. How should you deal with that? You canʼt just ditch your friends and family. You need the skills to navigate your social circle and STILL reach your physique and health goals!

The list goes on: sleep, setting goals, personal development and other important lifestyle factors all have a huge impact on your fat loss and muscle toning results.

But nobodyʼs talking about lifestyle! And thatʼs why you keep getting derailed just when you think youʼre about to reach your goal.

There are more, but those are the 3 biggest SINS that conventional diet and exercise programs are committing. We know it seems like the whole system is stacked against you, but donʼt worry. There are easy FIXES for all of them. But first…

The “Dirty Secret” Of A Fitness “Guru”

A fitness pro has to walk the talk and look the part. And I usually do. But Iʼve got a dirty little secret. Iʼm a sugar addict! Iʼve also got a genetic “talent” for putting on fat in record time…

Instead of being a model of perfect fitness, my weight has actually gone all over the map. I went from being an athletic teen to a seriously overweight university student. Then I spent what seems like a lifetime in a constant state of fluctuating weight.

For a trainer, instructor and coach, thatʼs a very humiliating experience! There were times when I was proud to show off my body and I felt great about how I was representing the profession.

But there were other times when I had to hide behind layers of baggy clothes, hoping my growing waistline wasnʼt too noticeable. I didnʼt even want to train my clients because I was so ashamed of how I looked…

The only thing that saved me back in those days was hard work and discipline. Iʼve always been able to push myself during workouts. And when I buckle down, Iʼm one of the most disciplined eaters on the planet. (Of course the opposite is also true…)

So yeah… I hit rock bottom and fought my way back into shape… Over and over again.

But after a while the hard work and discipline stopped working. Programs that used to get me back into shape were leaving me flabby.

The 3 SINS were catching up with me…

To my credit, Iʼd tested ALL the gimmicks and fads. And thatʼs great news for you, because I figured out they NEVER work.

And thatʼs when the pieces started falling into place. Ryan and I got on the path that led us to the body “redesign” methods we now use on ourselves and on thousands of clients around the world.

For years weʼve been sniffing out the secret weapons that you need to change your SHAPE, not just your “weight.” And The Shapeshifter has been quietly guiding us from the shadows…

— Adam

And What About Those Guys Who Never Have to Worry
About Their Weight? Ryan Used To Be One…

Iʼve never once done a diet.

I never had to. I really like green vegetables. I donʼt eat sweet things cause Iʼm sweet enough. Iʼve always been active, and naturally thin — I had more trouble gaining weight than losing it.

And then I hit my mid-30ʼs. My life took a stressful turn, and crap jobs were piled on top of money problems and frustration at the slow pace of my goals.

I kept plugging away with my training over those years, and my nutrition was clean, but I was hiding a shameful little secret: I had developed a roll.

Thatʼs right, a roll. That unsightly bump of belly fat that breaks up the outline of a tight fitting t-shirt. That slight bulge around the middle thatʼs the first thing to emerge from a foggy mirror after a shower. That one blight on the landscape of an otherwise perfect body… ahem…

Okay, yeah, I know, a roll isnʼt much to whine about when youʼre challenged with losing serious weight. But it was my challenge, and I didnʼt like it.

How did it happen? Age partly, lack of sleep and inadequate recovery most probably, but also the chronic stress of too many writing assignments where the hours were long and training was minimal.

I also struggled to maintain my muscle mass. And that was part of my problem. Iʼd started down that terrible slope of changing body composition, and I didnʼt like where it was headed…

My story at that point overlaps with Adamʼs. I dug deep into everything I learned during two decades in the martial arts. And when it comes to fitness modalities, I tried them all: old school weight training, running programs, aerobics (hey, there were a lot of cute girls in those classes…!), kettlebells, acid / alkaline diets, Indian clubs, and several years dedicated to a fitness system that looked promising but that ultimately didnʼt have the answers I needed either.

After all those years of struggle, it finally dawned on me that my diet was off — I wasnʼt eating nearly enough for my frame, or the right macronutrient balance — and I had completely neglected the lifestyle factors.

When it came to exercise, I also learned how to organize my training the right way. Thanks of course to some hints from The Shapeshifter…

Guess what? My roll has pretty well vanished. And thatʼs a good thing, because summer is coming and I live right near the beach…

— Ryan

Our Top 3 “Secret Weapons” Of Body Redesign

You know “The Sins”. Youʼve heard our stories. Now itʼs time to share some of our secret weapons!

Secret Weapon is a bit misleading. It makes it sound like we discovered some mystical powers that magically transform your body. But you know by now that such things just donʼt exist…

What we did find were methods so powerful and precise that using them was like mounting a “surgical strike” to re-shape your body both quickly and permanently.

Secret Weapon #1: Shapeshifter Frequency Training™

The more you train, while FULLY recovering between each session, the faster you can redesign your body. And with Frequency Training™ you can train practically every day.

Whoa! Wonʼt I overtrain?

Thatʼs a pretty common myth. And itʼs true. But ONLY if you train the WRONG way, and with just one type of workout.

The real truth is that the more you train while still recovering 100% from each workout, the faster your SHAPE will change. But to do that you have to take advantage of several different types of training.

If you just do the same thing day in and day out, you will overtrain or develop overuse injuries. But intelligently combining ALL the best methods will allow you to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE the speed of your body redesign.

Know what else? Youʼll actually change the “composition” of your body. And THOSE changes are permanent, as long as you keep up a maintenance level of workouts, diet and lifestyle.

If you want to make that kind of change quickly and permanently, you must factor all the following types of exercise into your program:

Address all of these training methods in your program and you can easily work out every day of the week while STILL recovering 100%. THAT gets you the fastest body shaping results possible.

Secret Weapon #2: Carb Confusion…

Depending on who you talk to, carbs are either the most important nutrient in your diet, or theyʼre a dirty word. Thereʼs very little middle ground when it comes to this most misunderstood nutrient.

First of all, letʼs define “carb”. For our intents and purposes, a carb is any starchy or sugary food, like pasta, bread, rice, pastries, cereals, candies, etc. However, carbs are short for “carbohydrate”, which also includes fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans.

So… “To carb, or not to carb. That is the question…” (ahem… our apologies to Willie Shakespeare…)

The answer is simple. Eat the RIGHT kinds of carbs at the RIGHT time. You see, carbs are a very powerful and useful tool for your body redesign. But abusing them can make you fat.

Carbs cause your body to release a hormone called insulin. And insulin works to store nutrients — but it also LOCKS FAT into your fat cells. If youʼre constantly overeating on carbs, youʼll never be able to get that fat back out again.

But if you donʼt eat any carbs, the results are just as bad. Your muscles will look flat and youʼll feel tired and listless. And if your muscles are flat, you lose your SHAPE. The visual effect of your body redesign will be a failure.

So whatʼs the solution?

CONFUSE your body by switching up your carbs on a regular basis. Eat very low carb one day. Eat a moderate amount of carbs on another. Then jack your carbs up one more time before dropping back down to low carb again.

Thereʼs just one caveat. Make sure you avoid or at least reduce refined carbs like sugar and white flour, even on higher carb days. Stick to whole grains, fruits, yogurt, legumes, etc.

Those foods will refill your muscles without provoking wild swings in insulin. And that means youʼll have a much faster body redesign.

Secret Weapon #3: "Cortisol" Control For A Flat Belly

Itʼs clear that reducing stress adds to your peace of mind. And it would probably improve your health. But did you know itʼs also intimately linked to your quest for a HOT BODY?

If you donʼt control stress, you stay flabby. Period.

Why does stress mess with your physique? Because itʼs intimately linked to the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is often called the “stress” hormone because the levels in your body increase when youʼre stressed, and they fall back down to baseline when you return to a normal state.

Cortisol is a good thing when all systems are running well. It gives you the energy to function and train during the day. The problem is the chronic stresses of modern life.

If your stress levels are jacked up all day long, so is your cortisol. And this leads — through various mechanisms — to extra fat on your belly.

Reducing stress to a healthy level has a direct impact on your physique. Weʼve included a range of techniques in our program for reducing stress. The important thing is to pick the one that works for you and be consistent.

If you do, youʼll be incredibly happy with your new flat belly — and the people around you will love your cool chill attitude.

The Shapeshifter Fixed Sins #1, #2 & #3 In A Jiffy

Those are just three of the powerful workout, diet and lifestyle “Secret Weapons” that weʼve packed into our Shapeshifter P6 Body Redesign program. Itʼs the EXACT same program that got results like these…

Donʼt Worry — The Results Are Quick AND Long-Term

Weʼve never been interested in just a quick fix. Yeah, we know you want rapid results, and we do too. But we want to do it the right way. Those results have to last.

Thatʼs why we put in the time to assemble the EXACT sequence of workouts, dietary advice and lifestyle refinements that deliver both quick improvements in the way you look and permanently sustainable habits thatʼll let you keep your new body forever.

But thatʼs not all… The Shapeshifter program actually makes it EASIER for you to maintain your dream body.


Because weʼre changing the composition of your physique. Your hormones will start working for you instead of against you. Your digestion will improve and youʼll absorb more nutrients, making you less hungry. And much more!

These are changes that last if you simply maintain them.

Okay, enough talk. We canʼt hold back any longer. Weʼre incredibly proud to introduce…

The Complete Shapeshifter Body Redesign Program

As you can see, this step-by-step 9 part program has a real value of $579.00. But we donʼt want you to pay anywhere near that. In fact, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of the rest of the Shapeshifter “Secret Weapons.”

You can get the entire 9 part program right now…

For Only $94

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But again, we have to warn you that this program is NOT for those who want a magic pill.

Shapeshifter is only for you if youʼre looking for a program that gives you all the skills and habits you need to get your best body ever BOTH quickly and for the long haul

You see, we hate the constant yo-yo results offered by most diet and exercise books. Weʼve seen our clients tortured by it. And Adam lived with it for years thanks to his genetic “talent” for fat gain and his addiction to sugar.

Shapeshifter is the answer to that. Sure, itʼs fast. But itʼs also sustainable. Itʼs a step-bystep guide to changing your habits and your PHYSIQUE for good…!

You can do Shapeshifter anywhere, anytime. It fits easily into your schedule, no matter how busy you are. Thatʼs important because consistency is the key to rapid and longterm success.

Shapeshifter is also easier to follow than any other program out there because:

The long and the short of it is… this program is for REGULAR FOLKS who want to get in shape, but who also have real lives, demanding jobs, and friends and family they like to spend time with.

We designed Shapeshifter to be the easiest to follow, fastest and most permanent program to change the SHAPE of your body and make people sit up and ask, “what the heck are you doing to look so GOOD?

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“But What If This Doesnʼt Work for Me?”

Fact: This program has worked for men and women from all walks of life and for all different body types. But…

If you follow the program as designed and donʼt love it as much as our other clients, then weʼre happy to refund your money.

Weʼre so convinced that Shapeshifter will work for you that weʼre willing to take all the risk in making you feel comfortable enough to give it a try. Youʼve got a full 60 days to check it out. Give it your best shot. But if you arenʼt satisfied, just let us know and weʼll give you our 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee — simple as that.

Are You Ready To FINALLY Banish Your Flabby Body and Build A Physique That Gets Compliments — Equipment Free?

If youʼre anything like we were, youʼre definitely ready!

So hereʼs the bottom line… We were SO ready to discover the real “secrets” of body redesign that we went to extraordinary lengths to find them. Yeah, we had some guidance from The Shapeshifter, but we had to do the grueling legwork.

And you could do the same! You could tear apart years of fitness journals for countless studies on body composition, diet, supplementation and exercise. You could attend certification and professional development courses all over the continent.

Then you could become a trainer and a nutrition coach, working intimately with private clients and traveling around the world to hone your practical body redesign skills and refine your programs. You could then take that knowledge to the internet and work with thousands more clients to further refine your programs.

You could also go through the struggle and experimentation of personally trying and sifting through dozens of fad diets and exercise programs to find the golden nuggets and gems from each one while discarding the fluff.

Then you could take all that knowledge and painstakingly assemble the perfect equipment-free body redesign program. Then test and refine it.

You could definitely do all that. But weʼve already done it for you. Wouldnʼt you rather concentrate on what youʼre best at, and leave us to guide you through your own personal body redesign?

That way you can start getting results immediately. Plus, you know that just by following our daily plans, youʼre guaranteed to get a body that makes you the envy of your friends and family (or you get your money back…!).

Put that way, this is about the easiest decision youʼll ever make.

This is your chance. Itʼs the PERFECT TIME to click the Add To Cart button below and FINALLY get back into the shape that makes you feel attractive, confident and powerful — your “real” shape. But you know as well as we do that if you donʼt take action now youʼll be stuck in the same flabby body, no matter how many fad diets or gimmicky exercise programs you try. (Please donʼt let that happen to you!)

We canʼt wait to read your shape-shifting success story. And weʼll be there to coach you every step of the way while you build your best body ever!

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Hereʼs to changing your shape!

Coach Adam Steer

Coach Ryan Murdock

P.S.: — Remember thereʼs absolutely no risk in trying the Shapeshifter program. You have our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. You can test the program out for a full 60 days, risk free...

P.P.S.: — Still have questions about Shapeshifter? Chances are you arenʼt the only one. Read the questions and answers below that were generated by some of our current Shapeshifter users.

Q: What is The Shapeshifter program and how does it work so fast?

Shapeshifter is a complete workout, diet and lifestyle program designed to change the SHAPE of your body quickly and permanently. It guides you through each day of the 6 week program using a step-by-step and easy to follow progression that was forged through experience and is backed by science.

All you have to do is turn to the page for a given day and follow the plan. Weʼve taken care of the rest. Within weeks your friends will start asking you what youʼre doing to look so good!

Q: What equipment do I need for the Shapeshifter program?

None! The main Shapeshifter workout program is done with bodyweight exercises only. So you really can do it anywhere and anytime. Itʼs perfect for busy folks and for those who travel a lot.

But itʼs even great for the hardened gym rat. The unique bodyweight exercises in this program will take your body to a whole new level. Itʼll even IMPROVE your performance when you head back to they gym.

Q: Is this only a 6 week program?

Because Shapeshifter takes a balanced approach to training, diet and lifestyle, you can continue on the program as long as you like. Once youʼre done the first 6 weeks, just start over again and increase the difficulty of the exercises, the number of repetitions or the duration of the workouts.

Q: Am I going to be hungry all the time like most other diets?

One of the FIRST things we address in the Shapeshifter P6 Nutrition plan is controlling your appetite. Bad food choices, stress and other factors are what cause you to be unnaturally hungry all the time. FIXING these things will fix your false hunger pangs.

And Shapeshifter is not about extreme restriction either. Itʼs about making the right food choices — quantity and quality — for your body. Starving yourself will NEVER give you the body of your dreams. To truly “redesign” your body you must feed your muscle as much as you starve your fat. And thatʼs what Shapeshifter P6 Nutrition does.

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Q: Does this program take a lot of time and effort?

Anything worth doing takes some time and effort. But Shapeshifter is laid out for you with daily step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is follow the plan to get the results.

Workouts range from as little as 15-20 minutes up to as much as 50 minutes per day. Youʼll be doing something every day. But because youʼre using bodyweight exercises, you can easily slip these workouts into your schedule for maximum results.

Q: Is there a risk of rebound weight gain after the program?

Shapeshifter REDESIGNS your body. It doesnʼt just cause you to dump a bunch of “scale weight” in a hurry. Thereʼs no danger of a weight gain rebound afterwards. Especially because youʼll be learning the diet and lifestyle skills to maintain your new body permanently!

Q: What if I have a lot of weight to lose, is Shapeshifter still for me?

It doesnʼt matter how much weight you have to lose. Shapeshifter guides you through the process of body redesign so you can keep it up for the long haul and finally build a body that makes you feel proud, vibrant and powerful. Weʼll help you create an entire lifestyle to support your goals, so it doesnʼt matter what weight you start at.

The Shapeshifter principles will work for you, whether you have a hundred pounds to shed or you just want to lose those last few pounds for a perfect beach-ready body.

Q: I want to get started right away. Do I have to wait for you to ship me the program before I get started?

Youʼll have EVERYTHING you need to start redesigning your body within minutes. And everything is organized into easy to follow day-by-day instructions in our innovative Shapeshifter Access Portal. The Shapeshifter is ready and waiting for you to get started today!

Q: I'm not a spring chicken any longer, will this program work for older folks?

Of course! Shapeshifter is built on a rock solid foundation of principles that will benefit people of ANY age. In fact, because we include Shapeshifter Regen techniques in the program, you may benefit MORE than the average person. Youʼll increase your painfree range of motion and your functional movement with the innovative mobility and flexibility exercises in the program!

Q: Does Shapeshifter work just as well for men and women?

Absolutely! Our clients, both online and in-person, are an equal mix of men and women. And all of them enjoy the same impressive body “redesign” results.

Q: What if the program doesn't work for me?

It will. But if it doesnʼt, itʼs free. We believe in the program so much, and weʼve seen it work so well, that weʼre willing to let you try it out risk free. Just follow the program to the letter for the 6 weeks. If you arenʼt happy with your results, let us know and weʼll refund your money. Easy as that. In fact, you have a full 60 days to get your money back.

Sure, I guess some people might abuse this generous money-back guarantee. But weʼre not too worried about that. What we REALLY care about is helping you feel confident enough to try out the program.

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