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At Shapeshifter Media, we publish the highest quality health and fitness programs in the online marketplace. And we provide a publishing platform for talented authors and coaches to teach our global audience of loyal readers to live healthier, fitter, happier and more productive lives.

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About Us

Shapeshifter Media publishes leading edge resources in the world of health and fitness.

We know from experience that diet alone won’t create an impressive physique. And we know training without diet can’t melt fat. Without the proper lifestyle changes, none of these new habits will stick. Strategically combining these three areas is what creates lasting change.

When it comes to fitness, we stand for training to live rather than living to train. We believe in being highly disciplined in nutrition, training, goal setting etc, while also enjoying those other small indulgences that add a splash of colour to this all too short life.

We believe that the key is to keep a tight ship at least 90% of the time, and to choose any indulgences carefully and consciously and without guilt. That’s a livable solution that our clients can stick to over the long term.

We train and eat healthy to enhance our lives. But we won’t become slaves to it or go down the bland path of denial and asceticism.

We believe the only ideal diet or exercise program is the program you’ll follow. Ideal means nothing if you can’t or won’t do it. We believe there’s something out there for everyone, whether that’s bodyweight exercise, weight training, yoga, low carb, fasting or eating for muscle. And it’s our job to help you find the path for you.

We also believe in using the tool that’s right for the job. Sometimes it’s bodyweight exercise. Sometimes it’s weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, or suspension gear. There’s a wide world of fitness tools out there. And we believe in using any or all of them to reach our goals.

We stand for taking 100% responsibility for our own lives. We are responsible for our own success and our own setbacks. Taking responsibility for both allows us to change and grow. We don’t accept excuses from ourselves or our clients.

Finally, we stand for creating and living the lives of our choice. We believe in living as we see fit, provided we do not infringe on the right of someone else to do the same.

You won’t find dogma or judgement here. We’re too busy following our dreams. And we want to help you follow YOUR dreams too.

Our Authors

  • avatar Kris Fondran Author — Shapeshifter Yoga, Yoga for Strength / Bodybuilders

    Kris is the face of Shapeshifter’s yoga programs. An educator, trainer, coach and mentor, she pulls together the mind, body, spirit approach to wellness, whether she’s teaching power skating to peewee ice hockey players, instructing health, physical education, and yoga courses as an adjunct college professor or running an international inline skating “train the trainer” program. Kris is trained in the Satyananda Yoga tradition, and she’s also the founder of The Mobile Yoga Workout.

  • avatar Nate Miyaki Author — Half Day Diet Plan

    Nate is the author of Half Day Diet Plan — the easiest to follow and most effective fat loss diet on the market today. Nate has completed post-baccalaureate studies in Kinesiology, he’s a Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. He’s also put his knowledge to use to become a natural bodybuilding champion. Nate has over 15 years experience as a nutrition adviser and personal trainer, and his work has been featured in every major fitness magazine, including Men’s Health, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, T-Nation, and LIVESTRONG.

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Looking to take your Fitness Writing to the next level?

Meet the Shapeshifter Media Team

  • avatar Ryan Murdock Co-Founder

    Ryan got his fitness start through the martial arts. When he’s not writing content for Shapeshifter readers or dreaming up new schemes with Adam, he drops off the map and tries to get lost. He’s a travel writer, adventurer, international man of mystery, and the author of Vagabond Dreams: Road Wisdom from Central America.

  • avatar John Belkewitch Marketing Manager

    John is a Shapeshifter Media veteran, and our resident Marketing Master. John got his start early on as a fan and real life customer of Shapeshifter. Now he's got his hand on just about everything that our customers interact with. When he's not crafting irresistable emails or writing killer copy, he's probably out mastering a new martial art.

  • avatar Maxim Plaksin Web Developer

    Sometimes it seems like Maxim is a small web development factory, but he’s really one guy. He can create or polish an existing design, execute HTML slicing, add Javascript automation and all of this with a cup of coffee in one hand. Max has a genius for taking cryptic directions and design notes and turning them into brilliant web pages. We suspect he also has a time machine, because he does it so quickly you’d think he jumped back a few hours.

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